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  • 兼容型号: XFP-CWDM-10KM
  • 封装类型: XFP
  • 传输速率: 10G
  • 供电电压: 3.3V
  • 发射波长: CWDM
  • 接收波长: CWDM
  • 传输距离: 40KM
  • 环境级别: 商业级0℃~+70℃ 工业级-40℃~+85℃
  • 生产厂家: 北亿纤通科技有限公司


模块类型 传输距离 传输波长 接口类型 传输速率 工作电压 数字诊断
XFP 40KM CWDM nm 双LC接口 10.3G b/s 3.3V/5V 符合


  •     Wavelength selectable to ITU-T standards covering CWDM grid wavelengths
  •      XFP MSA Compliant
  •      data rate from 9.95 Gbps to 11.3Gbps
  •      No Reference Clock required
  •      Cold EML transmitter and PIN receiver
  •      link length up to 40km (800ps/nm)
  •      Low Power Dissipation 3.5W Maximum
  •      Operating Case Temperature Standard: 0°C ~+70°C/ Industrial:-40°C ~+85°C
  •      Diagnostic Performance Monitoring of module temperature, supply Voltages, laser bias current, transmit optical power, receive optical power
  •      RoHS compliant and lead free


  •      SONET OC-192&SDH STM 64
  •      40 km 10G Fiber Channel
  •      CWDM Networks

F-tone Networks CWDM XFP Transceiver exhibits excellent wavelength stability, cost effective module. It is designed for 10G CWDM SDH, 10GBASE-ER/EW and 10G Fiber- Channel applications.
The transceiver consists of two sections: The transmitter section incorporates a colded EML laser. And the receiver section consists of a PIN photodiode integrated with a TIA. All modules satisfy class I laser safety requirements. F-tone Networks CWDM XFP transceiver provides an enhanced monitoring interface, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as transceiver temperature, laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power and transceiver supply voltage.

订货信息/Ordering information
FTCX-C471X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1470nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级
FTCX-C491X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1490nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级

FTCX-C511X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1510nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级
FTCX-C531X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1530nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级

FTCX-C551X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1550nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级
FTCX-C571X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1570nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级

FTCX-C591X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1590nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级
FTCX-C611X-40                                  XFP-10G-CWDM-1610nm-40KM-双LC接口-商业级


FTCX-C471X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1470nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级
FTCX-C491X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1490nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级

FTCX-C511X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1510nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级
FTCX-C531X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1530nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级

FTCX-C551X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1550nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级
FTCX-C571X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1570nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级

FTCX-C591X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1590nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级
FTCX-C611X-40I                                 XFP-10G-CWDM-1610nm-40IKM-双LC接口-工业级